BREAKING! Trump Just Took It From ALL From Crooked Hillary – This Will KILL Her!

While Hillary was enjoying her holidays,  Trump was busy planning his ultimate revenge he had promised during their campaign. He took his time, and is finally going to deliver his promise after almost a year  has passed, since he became President.

She had it coming and Trump has thought of the perfect way to take her down.

President Donald Trump was always loud and clear about his intentions to clean up Washington DC regardless of who may get offended by his actions.

The country has had enough shady politicians who became extremely wealthy overnight and have been getting away with dishonest dealings and power abuse for years. What it took was a non-career politician and a businessman to save our nation from corruption and make it a better place to live in.

Now, a few days before the beginning of year 2018, Trump has reassured that things will get a whole different perspective in the year to come. And he’s starting with no one else but Hillary Clinton herself.

Trump made a major move just days before Christmas when he decided to sign an executive order that will freeze all assets of anyone in politics who has at any time abused their position of power and was in any way engaged in corruption. Among the long list of names was also Hillary Clinton’s who’s probably the most corrupted one of all.

According to  Zero Hedge : “The Trump Administration quietly issued an Executive Order (EO) last Thursday which allows for the freezing of US-housed assets belonging to foreign individuals or entities deemed “serious human rights abusers,”

along with government officials and executives of foreign corporations (current or former) found to have engaged in corruption – which includes the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, and corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources.”

The report says that in addition to this anyone who helps or participates in any kind of corruption or abuse of human rights by foreign parties, will be a subject to frozen assets as well, together with any United States corporation who foreigners who are assumed to have engaged in corruption on behalf of the company.

In other words, it regards anyone who has   “materially assisted, sponsored, or provided financial, material or technological support for, or goods or servicesto foreigners targeted by the Executive Order.

The Executive order that is derived from the 2016  Global Human Rights Accountability Act will affect the biggest fund behind all prominent scandals in the U.S. history, the Clinton Foundation. As Zero Hedge clarifies,

“[The Executive Order] immediately added 13 foreign individuals to a list of “Specially Designated Nationals” (SDN) maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – several of whom have ties to the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, or Clinton associates (details below).

Moreover, the Treasury Department sanctioned an additional 39 people, for a total of 52 under the new order – including the son of Russia’s prosecutor general. ”

In the content of the order its stated :

“I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems.”

One should be very careful when choosing their allies. When you engage in activity with the wrong people or better yet the wrong company, you have to  be prepared to suffer the consequences. That’s precisely what is going to happen with everyone involved with the Clinton Foundation. And it’s not just the Clinton’s, Trump is putting every corrupted, dishonest person in DC on the line.

As reported by Zero Hedge“Last Week’s Executive Order could have serious implications for D.C. lobbyists who provide “goods and services” (e.g. lobbying services) to despots, corrupt foreign politicians or foreign organizations engaging in the crimes described in the EO,” they say

“‘Virtually every lobbyist in DC has got to be in a cold sweat over the scope of this EO,’ said an attorney consulted in the matter who wishes to remain anonymous.”

It comes as no surprise that most of the politicians fought awfully hard to prevent Donald Trump from stepping into office. The President, will not protect their wicked schemes.

Hillary has been among the worst of them for too long, and now she’ll have to pay.

BOMBSHELL!!! President Drains Swampiest Part Of Washington D.C., Over 700 Gone In Surprise…

Although Trump promised to drain the swamp, there are some complications since it is much deeper than it seemed. Even if we put corrupted politicians aside, there are still dozens of huge companies that are exploiting taxpayer funds.

Ever since Trump took the presidential seat, he’s doing everything he can in order to culvert this swamp. The numbers of government members decreased, he cut the regulations, he reduced the staff members in number of companies.

The President’s biggest achievement probably comes from one specific group that’s been abusing federal decades for years, and this group is the EPA.

From New York Times:

“More than 700 people have left the Environmental Protection Agency since President Trump took office, a wave of departures that puts the administration nearly a quarter of the way toward its goal of shrinking the agency to levels last seen during the Reagan administration…

The departures reflect poor morale and a sense of grievance at the agency, which has been criticized by President Trump and top Republicans in Congress as bloated and guilty of regulatory overreach.

That unease is likely to deepen following revelations that Republican campaign operatives were using the Freedom of Information Act to request copies of emails from E.P.A. officials suspected of opposing Mr. Trump and his agenda.

The cuts deepen a downward trend at the agency that began under the Obama administration in response to Republican-led budget constraints that left the agency with about 15,000 employees at the end of his term.

The reductions have accelerated under President Trump, who campaigned on a promise to dramatically scale back the E.P.A., leaving only what he called “little tidbits” in place. Current and former employees say unlike during the Obama years, the agency has no plans to replace workers, and they expect deeper cuts to come.”

It seems like the EPA stole billions of taxpayer money while Obama was on the lead. Despite their goal is to protect our  society and environment, they did more harm to it than benefit.

It pays off more to act as political advocacy groups, instead of protecting the lives of the Americans. The EPA aims for the most severe views on climate change and global warming. They’re using more power than they are supposed to, and they’re abusing private businesses at the same time.

Now, thanks to our President, this will come to an end. He started taking measures to expose EPA’s radicals and to put them back in order. They should be start doing their jobs and protect our health without praising the liberal’s goals. Don’t you think?

The New York Times mourns the loss. The EPA staff were much more than “scientists”…They were stealing people’s tax money and doing nothing in return. When you think about it, this was what the government did all the years while Obama was in the House.

President Trump has just begun. He plans on reducing more and more agencies till the swamp is fully drained.

After Discovering Gov. Workers Would Get A 26% Pay Raise, Trump Does The Unthinkable…

President Donald Trump wasn’t going to give citizens a chance to support a monstrous 26% increase in salary for government workers.

In a recently declared arrangement, the president dropped that raise down to a reasonable 1.9 percent pay increment, proceeding to offer help to citizens.

Trump told Congress of this new arrangement in a letter, saying that that he decreasing the expansion definitely on the grounds that “the alterations that would some way or another produce results that are wrong.”

TDC reports:

Under the current law, the the pay schedule that governs federal employee salaries would raise pay in 2018 by an average of 26 percent and cost taxpayers $26 billion, according to the White House.

“A pay increase of this magnitude is not warranted, and federal agency budgets could not accommodate such an increase while still maintaining support for key federal priorities such as those that advance the safety and security of the American people,” Trump wrote of the current plan.

The law that Trump references that commands pay increments is the 1990 Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act. Past presidents have routinely superseded the law, yet Trump’s announcements are more grounded than that of previous President Barack Obama utilized.

“We must maintain efforts to put our Nation on a sustainable fiscal course,” Trump wrote.

Federal employee unions and advocacy groups opposed Trump’s plan, and would favor a larger increase.

“While federal employees will appreciate the raise, an average increase of 1.9 percent is the minimum required to prevent federal pay from declining further, and more rapidly, below market than the current 35 percent wage disparity between public- and private-sector wages,” said Richard Thissen, president of the National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.

Tony Reardon, leader of the National Treasury Employees Union, which underpins a 3.2 percent government wage increment, trusts the expansion isn’t sufficient.

“NTEU believes this figure is too low especially in light of the fact that federal law calls for a 1.9 percent across-the-board raise and private sector wages are growing at an even faster rate,”


These past couple of weeks, all the world talks about is the American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’ wedding plans. These two lovebirds have been spotted all over London, showing their love for each other and looking perfect.

But even though everything looks perfect on the surface, it seems like some problems started to leak. Markle has to get herself together, or the wedding she was so looking forward to won’t happen.

Many little girls imagine that someday, when they grow up, they will meet a prince, marry him and live happily ever after. That’s why when Prince Harry asked Markle to be his wife, many of the women world-wide “fainted”. But, it turns out that this marriage may collapse way sooner because of Markle’s past.

If the couple wants for their wedding celebration to happen, then Markle should be careful of her actions or she’ll return to Hollywood sooner than expected.

From what we’re finding out, Queen Elizabeth is not a big fan of her grandson future wife. During the holidays, Markle put herself in the center of attention by creating a “fake racism” scandal because Princess Michael of Kent wore a ‘Blackmoor’ brooch. The story was published on  PagSix, and it claimed that the Princess wore the brooch just to offend the bride-to-be.

The Queen couldn’t bare a disrespect like this so she got mad. In addition of Markle’s reckless actions, is her Tweeter account where she publicly speaks that she is an activist and shares her hatred of President Trump.

She even asked for Trump not to be invited to the wedding and she even dared to ask if the Obamas could attend. Luckily, the Queen refused on inviting the Obama family on the royal wedding, but this made the royal family wonder if Markle is worth to have ‘princess’ next to her name.

It is known that the Royals have strict rules if you want to be a part of them. Not expressing your political bias is one of them, but Markle is a vocal anti-Trumpist so that’s another con on her list. Also, her family is known for a numerous divorces, which is a problem as well.

The Queen doesn’t trust Markle, so he told her nephew to get a prenup before saying the crucial “yes”, and this made the future princess mad.

OK! magazine reports that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had a huge fight after the Queen asked for the prenup.  According to the inside sources, the couple is moving forward with wedding planning, but they hit a bump concerning the prenup.

According to the report in OK!, MSN followed up stating that, “The magazine reports that Queen Elizabeth has seen ‘too many royal marriages end in divorce’ and doesn’t want her grandson to ‘take any chances with his reported $40 million fortune.’ That’s led to tension between the spouses-to-be, with a source sharing,

‘Meghan can see where the queen is coming from, but at the same time, she’s insulted that it would even cross the queen’s mind that Meghan would have an ulterior motive for marrying Harry.‘”

According to the report, the insider claims that the actress “loves Harry, and money is the last thing on her mind.” However, it also adds that “Queen Elizabeth is nonetheless pressuring her heir to make sure the family’s money is protected,” and consequently, “that means Prince Harry, and Markle are clashing over the situation.”

Everyone can see that Markle doesn’t add up well to the Royal family. Not only she is arrogant, but her family has a long history of scandals as well. Her father left his daughter to live in Mexico, her brother was taken into custody for putting a gun to his girlfriend’s head. This is not such royal-ish, don’t you think?

Everyone of us has a past, but if you plan on getting into the royal family, you better clean up your name, or you won’t get in. Regardless the love that Harry has towards Markle, if she doesn’t watch her steps she will be kicked out real fast. Prince Harry should’ve been smarter when she was picking his wife-to-be, but we’ll see what happens.

BREAKING: Calls For Gov. Brown’s Resignation After What He Secretly Did To President Trump

California Governor Jerry Brown is against almost every policy made by President Donald Trump.

However, for Brown, the biggest “problem” from Trump’s agenda is the immigration policy.

However, he received a lot of backlashes after his activity with hundreds of criminal illegal aliens got exposed.

It seems that Brown decided to involve himself in the business between the federal officials and the immigrants who were supposed to be deported. The worst part of his actions is that he put his own state in danger.

Apparently, he thought that it would be smart to pardon hundred illegal immigrants who are being charged with crimes such as drug trafficking or drug possession. Also, many of them were convicted of weapon possession and assault.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Brown took advantage of his position and pardoned 132 people who are facing criminal charges. He even reduced the penalties of 19 other. Apparently, he defined his actions towards the criminals as an act of mercy.

He actually ruined the work done by the immigration officials who were very dedicated to catching these criminal illegal aliens and deport them. According to attorney Kevin Lo of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, because of his pardons, the applicants won’t have any reason to be deported.

Apparently, the reward for giving pardons in California goes to Brown. Since 2011, he has given 1,059 pardons. Way to go! Now, the violence rate will come back to normal, despite the numerous attempts from President Trump to lower it. He was quite successful in it until a person like Brown came in and destroyed his work.

Scroll down to the comments and tell us what you think.

SPREAD THIS: These 6 Major Companies Have Started Boycotting The President… BOYCOTT THEM!

When a career politician who’s  managing  6 companies at the same time, decided to get politically involved  surely he managed to sponsor the 2012 GOP presidential convention. However,  after the GOP nominated Trump as a candidate, this man had no intention of continuing to do so.

The Hill reports that the 6 companies: , Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, UPS, Motorola, Ford, and Walgreens chose not to take part in last year’s GOP convention, after hearing that Trump had been the one nominated for the title.

Despite how obvious the reason for their refusal to participate is, they will not admit a thing.

But this doesn’t end here. Namely, Fargo agreed to switch teams and offered sponsorship to the Democratic convention’s host committee in Philadelphia.

A Fargo’s spokeswoman said :   “We are supporting the City of Philadelphia host committee given our significant community bank and team member presence. What we have decided around the host committees, was determined last year before either party determined the nominees. That followed our past practices”

Other companies are following this example as well. They are abandoning Trump. According to the Conservative Fighters, Heineken is now looking for ” a world without borders” and started to ship their product elsewhere.

The company even created a shocking new marketing strategy that said :“Here’s to a world without borders or barriers, to the belief that there’s more that unites us than divides us, to finding common ground. Raise a bottle with the person next to you – a stranger is nothing but a friend you haven’t had a cold Heineken with yet.”

They choose to ignore countries like Germany, France, or Sweden on purpose even though all of them have a liberal policy on open borders despite it being a stimulant for violent crime and terrorism.

In spite of what this companies policies on refugees are, most American people – approximately 80 percent – do not support these sanctuary city policies and are unwilling to live in fear for their communities.

BREAKING!!! ENTIRE Obama Family Just Got KICKED OUT!!!

Barack Obama sill can’t make peace that he is not the President, so he continued to act like one ever since he left the White House. His wife also thinks that she is still America’s First Lady.

For eight years, she thought that she was the Queen of America, but now when she has a hard time accepting the role of a regular citizen. She’s trying to push her way up in social events and she keeps on showing up at events she’s not even invited.

When Prince Harry announced that he was marrying African American girl, the first thing she thought was that she and her husband will be invited to the wedding. She even tried to sneak a spot, but when the Queen found out, she put Michelle in her place.

The couple is desperate to enlighten their old fame. Obama literally stalked the Prince on Twitter and the second he found out about the big news, he shared a post to “indirectly” announce that he and his wife are available on the day the wedding will occur.

Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together.

Although they desperately begged to be invited to the wedding, they won’t be on the guest list because the British government said so.

The Sun reports:

Government mandarins are urging Prince Harry not to invite the Obamas to his wedding for fear of infuriating Donald Trump.

Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle have told aides they want the former US president and wife Michelle at their big day on May 19.

The 33-year-old prince has become good friends with the Obamas since bonding with them during the Invictus Games.

But Britain’s relations with Trump’s White House have sunk to their lowest ebb since his election last year.

The property billionaire does not hide his loathing of Mr Obama and is expected to be enraged if his predecessor gets the coveted call up when he won’t.

The young Royal couple’s dislike of the new president is well known.

Meghan made disparaging comments about him on social media during his election campaign last year.

There are deep fears among senior Foreign Office and No10 officials that another perceived national snub will make it impossible for Theresa May to meaningfully engage with Trump.

A senior government source said: “Harry has made it clear he wants the Obamas at the wedding, so it’s causing a lot of nervousness.

“Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen.

“Conversations are ongoing about and ministers will eventually have to decide. If the PM lays down the law, Harry will just have to suck it up.”

As the wedding is not a state occasion, the Government only have a consultative role in its organization and heads of state will not be invited.

The guest list is instead being drawn up in full by Buckingham Palace rather than the Department of Culture, Media and Sport – which presides over national events such as state funerals.

Michelle is following her husband’s steps and throwing tons of money to trash Trump. She recently took a trip to Canada in order to try to get to the wedding again. She was invited as  a speaker in addressing the “Economic Club of Toronto,” where she again tried to secure a spot on the royal wedding.

According to Page Six, Michelle made fun of President Trump then immediately pour over the queen. Both conversations didn’t had anything to do with an event like this, but the passive-aggressive “queen” used the chance to say that Trump wasn’t decent for her guest list, but since she adores the queen so much, she should get a spot.

“After being introduced by Canada’s first lady, Sophie Trudeau, Obama told the crowd that it is ‘never a good idea’ to put your first thought in the morning on social media, and never a good idea to ‘tweet from bed,’ which appears to be one of the president’s favorite pastimes, presuming that he is actually in bed when he tweets at 3 a.m,”

Page Six reported.
“Going on about effective communication, and the importance of doing drafts, Obama went on, ‘Then you need to edit and spell-check it.’ The 45-minute conversation, hosted by the Economic Club of Toronto, flowed into a bunch of amusing side stories, including her memories of being awestruck when meeting Queen Elizabeth of England.”

“’What do you do with the queen? I touched her. She touched me first,’ she said, adding that her dream dinner guest would be Jesus, whom she’d serve pizza.”

The ex-first lady thought that the royals will praise her if she made Trump look bad to the public. But this is sad and pathetic. She tried to make a false picture about Trump and make the Queen reconsider his invite to the wedding.

Although she thinks that she is in the center of attention, Michelle is now nothing but a regular U.S. citizen. She pretends that she’s royal, but the Queen is the one who has the last word. And it won’t be good for the Obamas.

JUST IN: President Trump And Mattis Uncovered Trillions Of Dollars Missing From Budget – Media Refuses To Report

The media left yet another milestone go by unnoticed. The monolithic military headquarters  are going to withstand an official inspection that will find out inexplicable sums of up to trillions of dollars missing. This is the first time the Pentagon is undergoing such a thing in their 74 year existence.

Zero Hedge says that Donald Rumsfeld, back in the day when he was the Defense Secretary in 2001, revealed  that according “to some estimates we cannot track $2.3 trillion in transactions,” undertaken by the Pentagon.

Fifteen years later, it seems as if nothing has changed, no improvement on the horizon. According to an Inspector General Report, now the Pentagon  aside from having money problems, they had an issue accounting for men as well.

In a different article Zero Hedge releases that “America’s world-wide military presence is such that the Pentagon itself can’t track how many US service members are deployed where. A new bombshell article in Stars and Stripes military newspaper is non-ironically headlined, ‘Report: 44,000 ‘unknown’ military personnel stationed around the world’.”

Donald Trump approved 2,400 auditors from independent public accounting firms to investigate the Army, Navy, Air Force and more. He is planning on making this practice a annual thing.

Norquist, a former official at the Department of Homeland Security helped in this quest for auditing these agencies last year and  considers it “a matter of driving change inside a bureaucracy that may resist it.”

That’s exactly what Pentagon did. Resist. Massive spending has been revealed since the 1980’s but the Department of Defense has always found ways to put audits off for political influence and advantageous opportunities.

Zero Hedge reports, the public quickly forgot the 2001 Rumsfeld revelation, after the terrible September 11th befall the nation the next day.

In “2015, the Pentagon denied trying to shelve a study detailing $125 billion in waste created by a bloated employee counts for noncombat related work such as human resources, finance, health care management and property management.”

After a year had passed, Franklin C. Spinney, a DOD analyst testified in front of Congress that the Department of Defense made a complete chaos in accounting with  un-auditable books and budget projections that did not meet with reality.

In case it turns out that Pentagon has intentionally or non-intentionally lost track of trillions of dollars in a time when “our fighter jets are falling out of the sky”, there is no salary for our brave soldiers than the whole structure of the organization must be  built all over again, straight from the ground.

Clare Lopez: $285M Funding Cut Should Make U.N. ‘Sit Up and Take Notice There Is a New President’  

Center for Security Policy Vice President for Research and Analysis Clare Lopez  joined SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily to discuss fallout at the United Nations (U.N.) from President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and look ahead to the national security challenges facing America in 2018.

Lopez said the reduction in United Nations funding announced   by U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Sunday is “very much a policy of the Trump administration,” and would not have happened under “any other administration almost that I can think of.”

“There is tremendous bloat and bureaucratic corruption within the United Nations, has been for a very long time,” she said.

“The point about this negotiation that Nikki Haley achieved in reducing the overall budget of the United Nations—now, of course, $285 million is probably a fairly small percentage amount of the overall budget for the United Nations, but the point is the significance of it, the significance of saying: ‘We the United States of America, we have footed for a long time approximately 22 percent of the overall United Nations budget and gotten slapped around for it in return—a lack of respect just completely disregarding our positions and our friendships with, for example, Israel. That’s got to stop,’” said Lopez.

“It’s not that we’re buying votes,” she argued. “It’s not that we’re punishing those who stand for some measure of principle. That’s not the point. But if we’re going to fund that much of that budget, first of all the corruption has got to be cleaned up, and then secondly there has to be a little more respect for the one that is footing that much of the bill.”

“You get the respect that you demand,” she observed. “You don’t demand respect, you don’t get it. That’s been the case for a long time.”

“I think that it’s going to take a long time to change, but I think we’re already beginning to see the effects of the United States’ leadership. I’ll give just one small example, and that is after President Trump made that the United States would indeed, according to our law, move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, at least one other country made the decision to follow us likewise and that is Guatemala,” said Lopez.

“Yes, one country, one small Central American country,” she conceded. “But sometimes what it takes is leadership, and then maybe slowly but the others will begin to notice and to follow. That’s what I think we should look forward to under a Trump administration.”

Lopez said that even the modest cut of $285 million, small when measured against the full operating budget of the United Nations, should be enough to make member nations “sit up and take notice that there is a new president, and he is charting out a new policy for the United States.”

“Nikki Haley has just been a tremendous United Nations ambassador for us,” she added. “I think they will take notice at least. I think there will be a change, not in the hardcore bloc that always has and always will oppose us—the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, for example, is never going to turn around and follow the leadership of the United States—but other countries will. Those that may be on the fence, those that are not quite decided, those that will tend to follow a leader. President Trump is now providing that leadership.”

Lopez said 2018’s pressing national security issues would include “emerging nuclear powers” such as North Korea and Iran, which have been accused of sharing nuclear and missile technology, including the technology to execute electromagnetic pulse attacks with nuclear warheads.

“Tensions in the Middle East are not going away, of course,” she continued. “And there are many other relationships that will have to be managed, as with China.”

Lopez said the Middle East is not merely balanced on a “knife edge” of war but is “already descending into free fall of chaos and violence.” She said the United States cannot ignore the situation, but it must also be understood that we are not “a partisan in an intra-Islamic sectarian fight between Sunnis and Shiites.”

“Do we care how things turn out? Yes, of course we do. The defeat of the Islamic State is very important, certainly for the people of the region, but if all we have done in helping to defeat the Islamic State is, as I put it, clear the decks for the expansion of an aggressive geostrategically expanding Shiite crescent led by Iran, which now controls capitals in Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus, Tehran, plus making a play down around the Arabian Peninsula for Yemen, then what have we accomplished?” she asked.

“We have to understand that there are forces at play here that we’re not partisan to one side or the other. Jihad is jihad, and Sunni jihad or Shiite jihad is exactly the same thing. What we’ve done so far is help to tip the balance, and that does matter for the United States. It matters for our ally Israel, other allies in the region. I would name Jordan. I would also put the Kurds in that category,” she said.

“So it does matter how it turns out, but I think we have to be very careful not to take a partisan side because whether it’s the Shiite jihadis or the Sunni jihadis, they’re all antithetically, viscerally opposed to the United States and our allies as well,” she cautioned.

Breitbart News Daily airs on SiriusXM Patriot 125 weekdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. Eastern.

FBI Makes Shock Announcement – Truth About Tarmac Meeting Finally Out

The FBI has found 30 pages of documents related to the June 2016 airport tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch, even after the bureau claimed to not have any records related to the matter.

FBI lawyers revealed the existence of the records in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch, the conservative watchdog group.

The FBI had informed Judicial Watch last October that the bureau did not have any records related to the June 27, 2016 meeting between Clinton and Lynch. That encounter, which occurred on the tarmac at Phoenix’s airport, was significant because it took place while the Justice Department was investigating Hillary Clinton’s potential mishandling of classified information on her private email account.

Though the FBI told Judicial Watch that it did not have records related to the meeting, the Justice Department revealed in response to a separate lawsuit filed by the watchdog that some of its officials had been in contact with FBI officials about the Clinton-Lynch encounter.

 U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch speaks about the killing of police officers in Dallas, Texas, during a press conference at the Department of Justice in Washington, U.S., July 8, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

In August, the Justice Department released emails showing some of its officials exchanging emails with the FBI regarding the meeting. And in a July 1, 2016, email, Justice Department official Caroline Pokomy told colleagues that “FBI is asking for guidance” on the controversy.

After the release of those documents, the FBI acknowledged that it had possession of some records related to the meeting. The bureau’s attorneys informed Judicial Watch that, “Upon further review, we subsequently determined potentially responsive documents may exist.”

It is unclear what documents about the tarmac meeting the FBI has in its possession, but Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton calls the FBI’s new disclosure “stunning.”

“The FBI is out of control,” Fitton said in a statement.

“It is stunning that the FBI ‘found’ these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit.”

“Judicial Watch will continue to press for answers about the FBI’s document games in court. In the meantime, the FBI should stop the stonewall and release these new records immediately,” he added.

The FBI has until Nov. 30 to hand the newly discovered documents over to Judicial Watch.