Trump Orders to Remove Obama Highway Name and Get Back The Previous Name of `Old Dixie’ Highway?Do you support him?

Sometimes most of us rush to disregard the importance of names. With so many new things being created every day, things of the past can be perceived as “less relevant”. But, it’s for this same reason that names also have one valuable role. They allow us to preserve our legacy and heritage.

Over the last few months, we have heard how liberals have tried to desecrate the history of our ancestors by trying to remove Confederate monuments from our cities. Now they are going a step further and they are trying to remove the name “Dixie” from our history.

Highway located in Riviera Beach, Florida is officially being renamed as “President Barack Obama Highway”. The change was decided after city officials concluded the old name was “racist and offensive”. They believe that by changing it to “Obama”, they will get a clean slate on history.

“(The street is) symbolic of racism, symbolic of the clan, symbolic of cross burnings and today we are stepping up to a new day, a new era,” said the mayor of Riviera Beach.

While it was indeed true that in the past there was some KKK activity in the Riviera Beach and the major may want to distance themselves from that. To believe that they can hold the name “Dixie “accountable for such history borders between insult and stupidity.

There is nothing racist with either “Dixie” or Confederate monuments. They are part of the American history and are part of a rich culture that goes beyond whatever bad liberals may want to attach to it.

To arbitrarily decide that President Obama may be more relevant to American History than hundreds of years of heritage is ludicrous. On top of that, Obama has never done anything for equality in America.

For those who believe he is a role model for Afro Americans. He was raised by outside the country, and his black heritage comes from his Kenyan father who abandoned him. He was raised by a white couple and never understood any of the racial conflicts in this country.

Obama’s self-claim of representing “African Americans” while sharing no heritage or culture has probably been the most racist proclamation of modern politics.

It’s time that people stopped trying to use public stunts like this to “foster unity”. A real sense of unity can only come from sharing common goals and improving together throughout generations. Renaming a heritage street with the name of the worst president of American History is not proof of anything.

Obama’s Private Jet Grounded After Where He Was Caught Trying To Sneak Into

Now that we have your attention with a wonderful Obama conspiracy of him “sneaking into America through Alaska”, here’s what’s really happening.

Former President Obama was on a recent trip to Asia and flew home. Flying home, to America, from Asia, usually requires people to land somewhere on America’s west coast.

This is totally normal. Obama landed in Alaska, presumably on a private flight, wearing a polo shirt and some pants – totally the outfit you were when you’re sneaking into a country.

Then Obama took selfies with a baby and it went viral. Literally, everyone on the Internet probably saw the picture and knew that Obama was in Alaska because that’s exactly what people do when they sneak into the country, right?

So let’s just squash that rumor while we’re ahead. Obama was not sneaking into the country. Since when is it considered “sneaking into America” when someone is a citizen here? That’s called “going home” if you have half of a brain and at least a quarter of that half works.

That’s right, all it takes is 1/8th of a working brain to know the conspiracy theorists on this one are idiots. Going home is not sneaking in. If Obama wanted to sneak anywhere, he could probably do it. Let’s not be liberally stupid, change our genders, and think this is a sneak in. Mexicans sneak in because they don’t live here. Obama flew in, went viral, and is flying home.

Now that’s not the truly big deal. The real story here, which many outlets are ignoring, and which many conspiracy theorists hit the nail in the head on, is this – Obama is meeting with Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi to headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).

People think the meeting will try to figure out ways that they can realign the political districts in hopes to benefit the Democratic party so they can take back any districts they lost to Republicans. That’s actually pretty normal. I’m quite certain that redistricting will be a goal anytime you lose your districts to the opposite team.

That’s not even the real shimmery part of this shiny tin hat story. The real juice of the beef is that this meeting might extend beyond the talks of redistricting. This might really be the beginning of defeating Republicans in 2020.

We don’t know if Trump will run for reelection in 2020, but the Democrats need to do something to win. They failed miserably in 2016 and got crushed by right-wing enthusiasts who were sick of the whining, the political correctness, the lame protesting, the inability for people to know their gender, and the fact that most liberals are losers.

People had enough of them and America fought back. Americans were tired of dealing with crybabies.

This is Obama’s first walk into politics since January and some theorists believe this is the start of the Democrat’s plan to defeat Republicans and take down President Trump. Slim chance considering the left can’t meme nor can they do anything remotely intelligent.

Their ammo box is filled with crying, violent protesting, and getting offended by everything. Mix in a few gay dance parties if you really want to.

Maybe it was secret and someone blew the lid off it. Did Trump expose the meeting? I’m not really sure, but it seems like most news outlets know about it. Like I said, don’t fall for the “OMG Obama is having secret meetings” when the meetings are talked about by mainstream news.

Sources state that Obama will headline a fundraiser for the NDRC, which is the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. He’s meeting Holder and Nancy Pelosi, perhaps to talk about the NDRC, or maybe even other things. This meeting is set to take place in Washington, DC. This is also Obama’s first waltz back into politics since about January, 2017.

He clearly had a good few months off, now he’s jumping back into politics, possibly to get a three year head start on helping Democrats regain control of the White House in 2020. Yeah, no chance for that. We’re going to vote like there’s no tomorrow to make sure liberals don’t ruin the country any further.

Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama are only missing their fellow dingbats, Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton. Maybe if Hillary Clinton wasn’t busy selling “Nasty Woman” t-shirts on Twitter, then she would have time to go to the meeting.

Or maybe she wasn’t invited. She lost once, so why would Democrats want her back? Low blow? Maybe, but selling or promoting t-shirts for Samantha Bee or Planned Parenthood kind of warrants a silly low blow joke.

National Debt Was $19,947,304,555,212.49 Ten Months Ago… Here’s What It Is Today

President Trump and his administration are working hard to undo the damage Obama did before him.

There were a lot of redundant debts that Trump never continued. Many people left, and Trump just didn’t fill their positions…this will make a difference.

Tax overhaul will complete the job of decreasing the deficit..Less Government, more jobs in Private sector…

According the U.S. Treasury’s direct record, a surprising amount of money has been saved over the course of seven months.

On January 20th, the day Trump was inaugurated, the total debt was $19,947,304,555,212.49.

On July 30th, seven short months later, it’s at $19,844,938,940,351.37.

Overall the debt has decreased by $102,365,614,861.12.

This is like PM Harper before in Canada! When Trudeau the idiot and his gang of Liberals took over, we were going down because the idiot said, hopefully the budget will balance by itself!

Now Canada is going deeper in debt! And the idiot even paid their terrorist criminal Khadr who killed an American for $10M with an apology! Isn’t he truly an idiot playing like Obama! I hope Trump will slap the idiot!

Lower deficit has quite the opposite effect. It causes higher unemployment, not lower.

Unemployment is an indicator that the government is pulling too many resources from the economy, i.e too much tax for the level of spending. The deficit has to be high enough to offset imports and accommodate private savings. This is a math thing, not a matter of opinion.

Trump just found and stopped hundreds of millions going to programs long since expired or of no use, and as he drains the swamp of all this theft and the congress making money, becoming millionaires on kickbacks and overflow, we will see a big difference.

Give ’em time, the swamp is huge. There are some cagey republicans in those muddy waters too.

Schumer’s shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump

Donald Trump was inaugurated one year ago after promising to make America great again. Throughout the campaign everyone knew what he believed, though it was not clear what his opponents stood for.

The Schumer shutdown has revealed the totality of the Democrats’ agenda: animosity and amnesty.

When President Trump set out to deliver historic tax cuts for the American people, Democrats sat on their hands, rather than participating in the legislative process.

Now they’ve come off the sidelines to actively sabotage the government established to serve the American people.

Their stated reason for doing so is even more astounding than the act itself.

Never before in American history has a major political party put the interests of lawbreaking foreign nationals ahead of the interests of law abiding Americans. Yet that is exactly what the Democrats have done in holding the government hostage to extract special favors for illegal immigrants.

This is a remarkable achievement — and it’s the only achievement the Democrats can claim since blowing their “sure thing” election in 2016.

We already knew the Washington Democrats hated Trump.

Now we know they oppose not just the president, but American government, the American people and even the very concept of American citizenship as well.

They call Americans “deplorables” and illegal immigrants “Dreamers.” That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats’ upside-down world view.

It would almost be laughable if the consequences were not so serious.

The Schumer shutdown is a preview of what we can expect should the Democrats wrest control of the legislative branch in November. It’s no laughing matter.

Over the past year, Trump has turned the economy around. Overall unemployment and female unemployment ar at an 18-year low, unemployment insurance claims at a 45-year low, business and consumer confidence at or near record highs, and black and Hispanic unemployment at the lowest levels ever recorded. Jobs are growing and wages are rising.

Thanks to the Trump tax cuts, millions of Americans have received pay hikes and bonuses, Chrysler will build cars in Michigan rather than Mexico, and Apple will invest $350 billion in America.

More jobs, higher wages and better opportunities for all Americans — and we’re just getting started.

But it will all be shut down if Democrats take Congress. They will bring the booming economy to a screeching halt.

Investments will dry up as businesses go in a defensive crouch, fearful of costly mandates from Washington bureaucrats emboldened by a Democratic Congress. Jobs will disappear, 401ks will shrink and economic growth will stall.

Democrats are committed to stopping Trump and his “America first” agenda, whatever the cost to the American people. Like the apocryphal commander in the Vietnam War, they will destroy the village to save it.

The Schumer shutdown shows us not only what the Democrats believe but what they are capable of doing.

And why they cannot be allowed to take control of Congress in November.

Thomas Hicks, Jr. is chairman of the board of America First Policies. He is a partner of Hicks Holdings LLC, a private equity firm with interests in manufacturing, energy services and consumer products. He is on the national board of the American Enterprise Institute’s Enterprise Club, and advisory board of Turning Point USA.

Actor Keanu Reeves: “Liberalism Is Like a Disease, It’s Destroying Nationality This Is The Reason Why I Hate Liberals And Standing with Trump, I Hate People Who Hates Their Country Trump Should Arrest Them For The Rest Of Their Life.” Do you Agree With Keanu ?

Actor Keanu Reeves: “Liberalism Is Like a Disease, It’s Destroying Nationality This Is The Reason Why I Hate Liberals And Standing with Trump, I Hate People Who Hates Their Country Trump Should Arrest Them For The Rest Of Their Life.” Do you Agree With Keanu ?


Actor Keanu Reeves: “Liberalism Is Like a Disease, It’s Destroying Nationality This Is The Reason Why I Hate Liberals And Standing with Trump, I Hate People Who Hates Their Country Trump Should Arrest Them For The Rest Of Their Life.” Do you Agree With Keanu ?

BREAKING!! After He Forced Govt Shutdown, 2 VIDEOS Surfaced That Will DESTROY HIS CAREER!!

Now, this is golden, and the meaning of hypocrisy!

The New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer led the asinine fight this week to shut down the government over illegal aliens. But since we now have the Internet two videos from the past are coming back to haunt him.

The two videos show his true feelings on the matter of holding the nation hostage with a shutdown and his true feelings about Illegal Aliens invading our great nation.

In 2013 Chuck Schumer argued it would be ‘governmental chaos’ to shut down government over amnesty for illegals.

In 2013 Chuck Schumer argued it would be ‘governmental chaos’ to shut down government over amnesty for illegals.

These two videos fully expose this creep’s and his Democrat Party’s plans. It’s now all about hating President Trump and us Law Abiding American Citizens in order to secure their future electorate. Not long ago, he opposed both amnesty and open borders, and he was against political parties holding the nation hostage if they didn’t get their way. But today this hack of a politician and his comrades in the Democrat Party are doing just that.

If Congress and the president don’t reach an immigration deal in the next two months, more than 690,000 young DACA recipients will lose their temporary work permits and protections from deportation. Nobody wants to see that happen. Most of these young people were brought to this country through no fault of their own, and they relied on President Obama’s executive actions.

We have great sympathy for these young men and women, and we have an opportunity now to pass legislation that protects them and prevents similar uncertainty in the future. However, hastily passing a clean bill that doesn’t solve the underlying problem will only encourage more illegal immigration and is no way to accomplish this goal.Any steps we take to address the status of DACA recipients must be structured to prevent this same legal limbo down the road. That’s why any meaningful immigration deal must, among other things, put an end to chain migration.

Chain migration is one of the biggest problems in our immigration system today. Current law allows legal permanent residents and American citizens to sponsor both their immediate and extended family members for immigration to the United States. In other words, our system prioritizes people based on their family ties, instead of their ability to contribute to our nation’s economic well-being. For some categories, like spouses, minor children, elderly and disabled parents, this makes sense. Family is the bedrock of our society, and immediate families should be together.

But unlike other advanced industrialized countries, our nation also gives preferences to the extended family members of citizens. While well intentioned, this policy has had some unfortunate consequences. This policy has spurred a wave of mostly unskilled immigration into our country. Today, only one in 15 of the more than 1 million immigrants who are admitted every year are given a visa because of their job skills or entrepreneurial ability. The other 14 immigrants are admitted without regard to their skills. That means that every year we are admitting hundreds of thousands of workers with almost no consideration for the impact their immigration will have on American jobs and wages. That is one of the reasons why polling has shown that over 70 percent of Americans favor limiting chain migration to only the spouses and minor children of legal permanent residents and citizens.

This policy puts downward pressure on the wages of people who toil with their hands, who work on their feet. Americans with high school-level educations have seen their wages fall by 2 percent since the 1970s, while inflation has made the cost of living even higher. For Americans who haven’t finished high school, it’s even worse. Their wages have fallen by nearly 20 percent.

This trend will only get worse if Congress grants legal status to DACA recipients without ending chain migration. Simply doing this without changing our nation’s immigration laws will encourage low-skilled parents from around the world to illegally immigrate to this country with their small children in hopes of obtaining citizenship. And once they and their children receive citizenship, other extended family members will follow, continuing a never-ending cycle of falling wages and mass migration.

That’s why it’s imperative that any final bill eliminate the preferences for extended family members. This change can help avert the adverse economic repercussions.

Several of our colleagues have recently suggested that any fix to chain migration should only eliminate immigration preferences for a very narrow category of individuals: the adult, unmarried children of legal permanent residents. But such a limited change to immigration preferences wouldn’t even end chain migration for this category of individuals. It would merely delay it.

We support policy that is pro-family, pro-growth, and pro-legal immigration. But we cannot let an opportunity to adopt a more worker-focused policy pass us by. Doing so only guarantees that we will be forced to address this very same issue at a later date. And in the meantime, American workers will bear the brunt of our inaction.

The only way to start that process, and to stop the influx of low-skilled immigrants, is to end chain migration. This change is crucial, and any immigration deal must include it.Because of Chain Migration, any DACA deal would mean the 800,000 illegal “Dreamers” would turn into over 18 million new legal and voting immigrants. And it would most certainly mean the loss of Texas as a Republican stronghold.

BREAKING: President Trump Just Hit California Governor Jerry Brown With Massive Blow — This Is It!

When Democrats in California passed a law earlier this month declaring their state to be a “sanctuary state,” they assumed this meant that Donald Trump’s Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials would be powerless to deport illegal aliens there. Unfortunately for these liberal California nitwits, however, they just learned that they were dead wrong.

San Francisco Gate reported that ICE officials have begun preparing for a massive sweep in San Francisco and other Northern California cities in which federal officers would like to arrest 1,500 illegal aliens. A source familiar with the operation said that in doing this, ICE is hoping to send the message that immigration policy will be enforced in the sanctuary state.

The campaign will reportedly be centered in the Bay Area, and it could begin in the next few weeks. The source, who requested anonymity, said that if it is successful, the operation would be the biggest enforcement action of its kind under President Trump.

The source went on to explain that the operation will target people who have been identified as targets for deportation, including those who have been served with final deportation orders and those with criminal histories. This number may increase, however, if officers come across other undocumented immigrants in the course of their actions and make what are known as collateral arrests.

This comes months after California Governor Jerry Brown SB54, which enacted a statewide sanctuary law. Liberal supporters of the bill said that it allows undocumented immigrants to cooperate with local police and seek education, health care and other public services without worrying they will expose themselves to possible deportation. ICE Director Thomas Homan wasn’t having any of it, however, as he said that the federal government would not allow California to be “a sanctuary state for illegal aliens,” and would have no choice but to “conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at worksites, which will inevitably result in additional collateral arrests, instead of focusing on arrests at jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ICE officers and the community.”

At the beginning of January, Homan warned that “California better hold on tight” and that if local politicians “don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

When asked about the upcoming operation, ICE spokesman  James Schwab said that the agency “doesn’t comment on future or current operations.”

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Trump is RIGHT! — Actual Number of “Dreamers” in US Revealed & It’s Worse Than We Thought!

The Left must be close to getting what they want on the ‘Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals’ (DACA), because they are now revealing the numbers of illegals that will be granted amnesty when the Republicans cave on this illegal Obama program.

According to the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR), DACA beneficiaries would only feed into the driving force of this nation’s dangerously burgeoning immigrant numbers: chain migration.

Numbers USA says chain migration is the “primary mechanism that has caused legal immigration in the U.S. to quadruple from about 250,000 per year in the 1950s and 1960s to more than 1 million annually since 1990. As such, it is one of the chief culprits in America’s current record-breaking population boom and all the attendant sprawl, congestion, and school overcrowding that damage Americans’ quality of life.”

With that kind of ballooning effect, think what 3.6 million amnestied illegals will do to the flood of humanity crashing onto our shores!

DACA will unleash the death knell of the American Republic.

USA Today is now admitting that:

The political debate over the fate of “DREAMers” — undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children — has overlooked just how many there are in the country today: about 3.6 million.

That number of people whose lives risk being uprooted is not widely known, in large part because so much public attention has been focused recently on 800,000 mostly young DREAMers accepted into the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

This smaller group of DREAMers is in the spotlight because President Trump terminated DACA in September, saying it was an illegal overreach of executive authority that can only come from Congress, which is negotiating with Trump on a compromise immigration plan.

While many politicians use DREAMer and DACA interchangeably, the terms are “not a distinction without a difference,” said House Minority Whip Rep. Steny Hoyer, D-Md.

DREAMers got their name from the DREAM Act, a bill that has been proposed in Congress since 2001, but never passed, that would protect that group of immigrants.

The 3.6 million estimate of undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. before their 18th birthday comes from the Migration Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank that studies global immigration patterns. That is roughly a third of all undocumented immigrants in the country and does not include millions of their immediate family members who are U.S. citizens.

A number so large raises the stakes for both sides in the dispute over whether to deport DREAMers, allow them to stay under prescribed conditions or provide them with a path to citizenship.

Ali Noorani, executive director of the pro-immigrant National Immigration Forum, said exposing millions of DREAMers to deportations would be a moral and economic calamity.

“At a time when our economy is growing and our labor market is extremely tight, these are all folks of working age who have skills to immediately contribute,” Noorani said. “We would be spending billions of dollars to remove folks who have the potential to help the country grow.”

On the other side is Mark Krikorian, executive director for the Center for Immigration Status, which favors lower levels of immigration. He argues for only extending protections for the 800,000 in DACA. “It’s not like they’re entitled to anything, but prudence suggests an extraordinary act of mercy,” he said. “Amnesty is warranted for them alone, at least this time.”

In exchange for DREAMer protections, Republicans want enhanced border security, the end of a diversity visa program for people from under-represented countries, including several from Africa, and a reduction in relatives that U.S. citizens can sponsor for visas.

The impact of what may happen to DREAMers was highlighted this week when Jorge Garcia, 39, a Detroit landscaper who has lived in the U.S. for 30 years, was deported back to his native Mexico even though he arrived in the country when he was 10 years. Garcia, whose wife and two children are all U.S. citizens, did not qualify for DACA because he was just over the age limit.

To qualify for DACA, created in 2012, DREAMers had to undergo a thorough background check, prove they arrived in the U.S. before their 16th birthday, were 30 or younger, were attending school or in the military, and had not committed a felony or serious misdemeanor. The program provided work permits and two-year reprieves from deportation that could be renewed.

Cecilia Muñoz, Obama’s domestic policy director, said he chose to protect a limited number of DREAMers because he could go only so far through executive action. Now that Congress is involved, Muñoz said, far more DREAMers should be protected.

“The right policy is to be as generous as possible,” Muñoz said. “We know the success of DACA. It’s good for the country, and this has overwhelming support around the country from people on both sides of the aisle. There’s no reason to limit who is eligible.”

There are several legislative proposals that each protect different numbers of DREAMers. Some deal only with those who entered the country before their 16th birthday. Others set age limits and include education or military requirements and clean criminal records.

According to an analysis by the Migration Policy Institute:

•The most generous proposal is the American Hope Act introduced by Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., which would provide legal status to 3.5 million DREAMers, excluding a small group who pose public safety threats.

•Another plan known as the DREAM Act presented to Trump by a bipartisan group of senators last week would allow 2.1 million to stay in the country.

“There is support across the country for allowing Dreamers — who have records of achievement — to stay, work, and reach their full potential,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said. “We should not squander these young people’s talents and penalize our own nation.”

•Other proposals from Republicans would protect up to 1.7 million immigrants.

•The most restrictive proposals would provide legal status only to the 798,980 people approved for DACA.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has said it will not deport former DACA recipients if their protections expire. But under Trump’s orders, it will arrest any undocumented immigrant agents come across. The percentage of undocumented immigrants without criminal records arrested by ICE has increased dramatically since Trump took office.

If Congress does not strike a deal by March 5, DACA enrollees will begin losing their deportation protections and work permits.

Newt Gingrich Just Revealed Every White House Reporter’s WORST Nightmare

Ever since President Trump’s White House physician, Ronny Jackson, revealed that Trump is in perfect health for his age, Democrats have been trying to discredit him and look for a way to prove that he is not as healthy as he says he is.

Fox News’ “Hannity” began his show by discussing how ridiculous this movement is and how no other president in the history of the United States has had to deal with such toxicity from his opponents.

“No other president has had to deal with this much garbage. It’s funny but there’s really a sick side to this.”

Hannity brought former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, on to discuss his take on these attacks by the liberal media, saying that Trump’s weight was falsified. His solution to the nonsense is simple.

“I think they should line up every one of the most idiotic comments, put them on YouTube, and have a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Thumbs up means they get to stay. Thumbs down means kick them out of the White House.”

Gingrich is absolutely right. The media that fills up the White House press corps is full of liberals entrenched in deep state nonsense that are determined to bring Trump down.

He suggests that we clean house and bring in new blood that will tell the truth and stop needlessly attacking President Trump and his administration.

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After Jim Acosta Blames Trump for Shutdown, Mulvaney Unleashes a FIRESTORM of Truth

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short and Director of Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney held a press conference today to discuss the impending government shut down if Democrats refuse to cooperate in voting to fund the government.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta immediately started in on Mick Mulvaney after Mulvaney revealed that Republicans are calling this issue the “Schumer shutdown’ in honor of Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and his cohort who refuse to pass the government funding bill without a DACA resolution attached.

a”You said this was the ‘Schumer shutdown.’ How can it be the ‘Schumer shutdown’ when Republicans control the White House, the House, and the Senate?”

This is where Mulvaney schools Acosta in the most brilliant fashion.

“Come on, you know the answer to that as well as anybody … that it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass an appropriations bill. You know that. So, when you only have 51 votes in the Senate then you have to have Democrat support in order to … fund the government.”

This is as simple and straightforward as Mulvaney could put it for Acosta, who clearly isn’t understanding why it would be blamed on the Democrats.

Mulvaney then goes on to tell Acosta exactly what he thinks about these dirty tactics Democrats are using to get the DACA bill passed.

“There is no reason that you have to deal with DACA this week. There is no reason you have to deal with DACA before the middle of February. DACA doesn’t expire until March 5th. This is purely an attempt by the Senate, led by Mr. Schumer – that’s why we call it ‘the Schumer shutdown’ to try and get a shutdown that this president gets blamed for.”

BOOM! He just called out Acosta and the Democrats in Congress for using a non-fiscal issue to force the government’s hand on a fiscal issue. It’s pathetic!

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