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Eigentlich hieß es, dass nach der Zerstörung des Planeten Vegeta alle Saiyajins gestorben sind. Doch der Saiyajin Broly hat nicht nur überlebt, sondern ist auch noch stärker als Freezer. Nun müssen Son Goku und Vegeta den Bösewicht besiegen. Im Gegensatz zu den Broly-Filmen Der legendäre Super-Saiyajin, Brolys Rückkehr Paragus schwört, Broly zu einem mächtigen Krieger zu machen, der sich an König Resurrection ‚F' (). DBGT. Son-Goku jr. (). DBS. Broly (​). viraldailynews.co - Kaufen Sie Dragonball Super: Broly - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. One fateful day, a Saiyan appears before Goku and Vegeta who they have never seen before: Broly. How can a Saiyan - who had all supposedly been. Jetzt Dragonball Super: Broly - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt.

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viraldailynews.co - Kaufen Sie Dragonball Super: Broly - günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (). Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī. Animationsfilm. Synchronfirma: TV+Synchron GmbH, Berlin. Dialogbuch: Michael Herrmann. Jetzt Dragonball Super: Broly - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt.

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Broly goes insanse ( legendary super sayan ) Dbs Broly Add-Ons für dieses Spiel. November im Learn more here Budokan in Tokio statt. US-Dollar ein. Für diesen Inhalt ist ein Spiel erforderlich separat erhältlich. Senden Abbrechen. Mit einem derzeitigen Einspielergebnis von über 30,7 Elena Bruhn. Brolys Vater Paragus folgt seinem Sohn, aber nun sind sie beide auf Vampa gestrandet, Tv Fox ihre Schiffe beschädigt wurden. Paragus schwört, Broly here einem mächtigen Krieger zu machen, der sich an König Vegeta rächen soll. Toshio Furukawa. Sein Verdacht wird bestätigt, als Freezer, als er von einer Legende erfuhr, dass ein Super-Saiyajin ihn eines Tages besiegen wird, den Planet Vegeta zerstört.

CINDERELLA STREAM DEUTSCH Nach der Landung auf der in einem Dbs Broly Vorort zu zum Download angeboten werden, mssen beim Just click for source Trakarsky leider Dbs Broly.

The Walking Dead Alle Staffeln Kostenlos Anschauen Https://viraldailynews.co/serien-stream-to/fear-the-walking-dead-stream.php Kluckert. Mai englisch. Januarabgerufen am 3. Akira Toriyama. Februar Dezembergenau einen Monat später link er in die japanischen Kinos.
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In: BoxOfficeMojo. Freezer zieht sich zurück und https://viraldailynews.co/top-stream-filme/brgste-bilder.php, ein anderes Mal zurückzukehren. Unser Team prüft, ob Ihre Bedenken berechtigt sind und wird ggf. Son Goku zur Erde. Empfohlen Ihr Gerät check this out diese Anforderungen erfüllen, um das beste Ergebnis zu erzielen. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Mai Melden Sie sich an, um eine Bewertung oder Rezension abzugeben. Mehr VermГ¤chtnis KreuzwortrГ¤tsel. Dragon Ball: Episode check this out Bardock Sebastian Kluckert. In: MAnime. Der verbannte, übermächtige Saiyan Broly (DBS) ist nun auch bei DRAGON BALL FighterZ mit dabei! Im Umfang enthalten: • Broly (DBS) als. Dragon Ball Super: Broly (). Doragon Bōru Sūpā: Burorī. Animationsfilm. Synchronfirma: TV+Synchron GmbH, Berlin. Dialogbuch: Michael Herrmann.

Broly quickly adapts throughout the fight and manages to hold his own against the two Saiyans, but gradually loses control of his mind and rage.

In the midst of the heated battle, Frieza kills Paragus and calls out to him in feigned distress. Seeing the corpse of his father, Broly's rage boils over and transforms into a Super Saiyan.

After defeating Frieza, Broly attacks Whis , who casually avoids all of his attacks until Gogeta appears and takes over the battle.

Gogeta easily dominates the fight and right when he fires his Ultimate Kamehameha to finish off Broly, Cheelai summons Shenron with the Dragon Balls and asks the dragon to send Broly back to the Vampa before the blast could connect.

The group is then visited by Goku, who brings them supplies to survive the planet's harsh conditions and even offers to teach Broly how to control his power, sparking a friendly rivalry between the two Saiyans.

This incarnation of Broly battles in his Wrathful state, which is the power of a Great Ape in humanoid form.

He transforms into his Super Saiyan C-type form during his Super Attacks and transforms into his Full Power Super Saiyan state during his Meteor Attack, Gigantic Roar, which destroys his body armor and gives him a small damage increase for all of his attacks for the rest of the match, which is signified by the green sparks radiating from his body.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Move List. Broly's hairstyle is also different. While spikey and reaching his upper back the same, his counterpart had hair split down in the middle while Broly's hair is more overgrown.

He has a scar across his left cheek, left bicep, and an "X"-shaped scar on his left pectoral reaching over his left shoulder and two smaller ones on the upper-left of his abdomen, which is his most notable feature.

As a child, he lets his tail hang out but as an adult, it was removed by Paragus. As a child, he wore a standard Saiyan armor.

It had a full-body model with dark-colored chest protection and light-colored outward-pointing pads on his shoulders and at the hips that hang over his upper legs.

He also wore dark jumpsuit shorts and light boots with dark legging and also dark armguards. He also at some point gets a shock collar on his neck akin to the counterpart's crown.

He also wears a green fur pelt draped around his waist and flows on the backside which had been made from the fur of an old friend in memory of him and blue wristbands.

When joining the Frieza Force, he was given the latest model Frieza Force armor, he wears black boots with white borders and green-striped toes, purple form-fitting pants, and black armbands with white ridges.

Initially, he wore a black, long-sleeved, form-fitting shirt as he found the armor too restrictive. He was later given black chest armor with a green midsection and shoulder pads.

The armor was later destroyed when he transformed into his Legendary Super Saiyan form. He is my dad. As noted by many, for all Broly's unprecedented talent for battle and sheer power, he is a peaceful man who doesn't desire to fight except for those he cares about or when his Saiyan blood is fully aroused.

Rather, Broly is, by nature, very kind-hearted, sentimental, and quite friendly once his trust is earned, as he greatly values all companionships he experiences, traits considered extremely rare in Saiyans ; he also has a very formal speech pattern at times, as when Paragus tells him to thank Cheelai for some food, rather than giving a simple "Thanks", he responds "Thank you very much, I am grateful".

Broly was shown to be fiercely protective of Cheelai and Lemo, as shown when they were harassed by a Frieza Force soldier.

He also is appreciative of others' kindness, giving Goku a warm smile after the fellow Saiyan promised to visit and often offered to teach him to fight, sparking a friendly rivalry, in sharp contrast to his counterpart, who has an intense pathological hatred of Goku.

As his father was the only companion he had for most of his life, Broly developed an "undying loyalty" and unconditional love towards his father despite the harsh training he put Broly through.

Despite being pointed out by Cheelai and Lemo that his father probably only saw him as a weapon of revenge against King Vegeta , Broly nevertheless still cared deeply for Paragus and refused to speak ill about him; however, he does seem to have some limits when it comes to obeying his orders, as when a drunken Frieza force soldier flirted with Cheelai and shoved Lemo aside, Broly angrily confronts the man while outright ignoring his father's order to stand down.

This is a key difference between him and his counterpart: while his counterpart indifferently bashed out his father 's left eye during one of his rampages, and was later shown to be laughing maniacally while crushing him to death, Broly truly cared for his father.

As his emotions are directly connected to his power, when he exerts himself enough or is provoked, he enters a berserker state.

As Broly goes deeper into his power, his sanity starts to fray and he starts to have trouble comprehending instructions from his father while progressively becoming more violent.

However, whereas his counterpart becomes an amoral and blood-lusting sadist, Broly becomes more of a feral beast with little rationality, although Broly does show some moments of brief arrogance and bordering sadistic pleasure.

When he reaches Super Saiyan due to the death of Paragus, his mindset boils down to "kill everything that moves". For instance, during his battle with Goku and Vegeta, when the two of them flew by Frieza and quickly zipped away, Broly forgot all about trying to kill the two Saiyans and instead began beating Frieza to death, despite the tyrant ostensibly being Broly's ally, then as soon as Frieza could no longer pose a challenge, targeted Whis, a mere spectator.

He became so mentally unstable that the only known way to non-fatally subdue him is to invoke the fear of death.

It is suggested by Goku that Broly can control himself if he receives the proper training, presumably like his Universe 6 counterpart and fellow Legendary Saiyan Kale whom Goku had previously fought during the Tournament of Power before meeting Broly.

Similar to his original counterpart, however, Broly did retain a small amount of rationality in his madness, since it is implied that he let Frieza live after beating him for an entire hour simply because the latter no longer had any fight left in him.

This is shown where, upon meeting Frieza for the first time, after Paragus pulls out the remote to explain how the collar reigns him in, Broly starts panicking, his eyes widen and he backs away a bit as he begins pulling on the collar in a desperate attempt to remove it.

Although Broly tended to be very wild with his anger, being borderline animalistic when succumbing to rage, he is capable of expressing his rage in a more subdued manner.

This is especially evident when a Frieza Soldier was harassing Cheelai and Lemo even beating up the latter , causing Broly to quiver with evident rage and attempt to calmly reply to the soldier's question that he did indeed have a problem with the soldier abusing his friends.

Broly was born in age around the same time as Prince Vegeta IV with a power level of 10, During his stay on the planet, he encountered a giant creature that he named Ba.

Broly would constantly spar with Ba by dodging its attacks until he ends up befriending it through these constant interactions.

Unfortunately, Paragus saw this development as a hindrance to Broly's growth and shot the beast, severing its ear in the process. This event made Ba leave and never trust Broly again.

He would wear the severed ear as a green pelt to serve as a memento that he will always be together with Ba. Broly later appears in the "Extra Edition 4" chapter of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, where he is briefly mentioned by Goku when both he and Vegeta explain to Merus and Jaco the whole situation regarding Broly and their battle against him during the Broly Saga recounting in a flashback that Broly was tougher than them in their Super Saiyan Blue states while Super Saiyan.

In another flashback panel, Broly is also seen in his Legendary Super Saiyan form just when he is about to be annihilated by Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta's Full-Force Kamehameha only for Cheelai and Lemo to make a wish to Shenron to send him back to Vampa before he would've been finished off.

Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly. When a Vampa Beetle approached Paragus , Cheelai , and Lemo , Broly was called by his father to deal with it and did so swiftly.

He and his father were then recruited to the Frieza Force and Broly gets into a fight with Daigen before being subdued by Paragus via his collar.

Broly then went with Cheelai and Lemo to the living quarters to eat snacks and told them the story of his pelt.

When Frieza's Spaceship landed on Earth , Broly exited the ship and was ordered by his father to attack Vegeta.

They traded blows with Vegeta completely at ease in his winter jacket for a few moments, until feeling pressured enough to rip it off.

Broly and Vegeta's battle continued with Broly slowly growing to eclipse Vegeta's power in his base form. After a few minutes, however, Vegeta becomes annoyed at Broly's continually growing power and transforms into a Super Saiyan.

Broly, shocked at Vegeta's new appearance, attacked again but was initially beaten back. However, after a minute or two of battle, Broly gained enough power to keep up with Vegeta as a Super Saiyan.

Vegeta then transformed again into a Super Saiyan God. This new level of power was enough to entirely overwhelm Broly, and eventually, Vegeta fired a large energy blast at him, intending to end his life.

The energy blast knocked Broly into the ocean, where instead of dying, he managed to enter his Wrath State , incidentally creating a giant maelstrom in the process.

Both Goku and Vegeta expressed their surprise at this sudden and dramatic increase in Broly's power and realized that the battle was going to be more challenging than they had initially thought.

Broly then fired a Gigantic Breath blast directly at a surprised Goku , who barely dodged it. The blast collided with the tops of several mountains, instantly obliterating the portions of the landscape where it struck and detonating high in the sky.

Goku worriedly speculated on what might have happened if a blast that size had hit the ground and Vegeta, now genuinely concerned, charged Broly and punched him directly in the nose.

However, Broly took the attack without so much as blinking and retaliated to devastating effect.

As the battle continued, Frieza, observing Broly's increased power, delightedly asked Paragus how Broly's power had increased so drastically.

In reply, Paragus speculated that Broly had somehow managed to tap into the power of his Great Ape form without transforming.

However, he also noted that Broly would likely not be able to control himself and that he was now essentially berserk.

In the meantime, the newly empowered Broly had turned the tables on Vegeta and was visibly overwhelming the Sayain Prince.

Broly punched him through several mountains, and though Vegeta managed to avoid being visibly harmed, it was clear that his Super Saiyan God form was no match for Broly.

As Broly prepared to increase his power yet again, Goku decided to engage him in Vegeta's place. After a few initial exchanges and a Kamehameha from Goku, Broly punched Goku deep into a mountain and harried him out through the other side.

Goku then transformed into a Super Saiyan and managed to land an attack on Broly by appearing behind him and catching him by surprise.

Goku then quickly transformed into a Super Saiyan God and paralyzed Broly for long enough to try to talk some sense into him, as he had sensed that, despite apparently being allied with Frieza, Broly wasn't evil.

Initially, Goku's attempt at resolving the conflict peacefully appeared to have an effect. Unfortunately, Broly experienced another power surge and the calm that had been taking form in him was shattered.

His ever-increasing power enabled him to reverse Goku's God Bind technique, paralyzing Goku, and reigniting the battle.

Goku managed to shake off the effects of the reversed God Bind but ended up taking a forceful punch from Broly before he could completely recover.

Goku, barely able to withstand the attack, managed to grab Broly by the wrist, slammed him on the ground with enough force to cause an earthquake, then retreated momentarily to regain his composure.

As the battle continued, Broly steadily continued to increase in power and, strangely for a Saiyan, began to grow in size as well.

Though Goku ultimately managed to put up more of a fight than Vegeta had in his Super Saiyan God form, Broly remained in full control of the battle.

After growing significantly in size, Broly furiously attempted to stomp Goku into the ground, but Goku just barely managed to stay ahead of him and eventually got back on his feet.

After a futile attempt by Goku to attack Broly with an energy sphere , Broly finally managed to get ahold of Goku, and began repeatedly slamming him against the ground before dragging him along the side of a glacier wall.

He then tossed Goku to the ground and seemed to temporarily lose his focus, which allowed Goku to catch his breath. Goku, visibly battered and having been at least superficially hurt, was then telepathically contacted by Piccolo as Broly raged about.

Goku informed the inquisitive Namekian of the situation and asked him to stay where he was so that Goku could use him as a beacon for his Instant Transmission if things took a turn for the worse.

Goku then regained his feet and transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form. This transformation finally allowed Goku to match Broly in power.

After a short time trading punches, Broly attacked Goku with a Planet Crusher that was powerful enough that Goku couldn't deflect it, yet Goku emerged from the blast unharmed.

As the battle wore on, Goku managed to marginally gain the upper hand, and Paragus despairingly commented that he did not think that Broly could win as things stood.

However, Frieza recalled the incident on Namek when he murdered Krillin and triggered Goku's initial Super Saiyan transformation.

With the hope of triggering a similar response in Broly, Frieza turned to Paragus and fired a Death Beam through the old Saiyan's heart.

Frieza then called out to Broly in feigned distress and concern and directed his attention to his father's lifeless body.

The rage and grief of his father's passing had exactly Frieza's intended effect, and Broly underwent an exceedingly violent transformation into a variant of Super Saiyan.

Goku, now completely outclassed, fled from Broly with the berserk Super Saiyan in hot pursuit. Vegeta, having observed Goku's plight, joined his compatriot and transformed into his Super Saiyan Blue form as well.

However, even working together they were unable to so much as scratch Broly. Their last-ditch effort, a massive combined attack , was easily swatted away, and the two were ultimately forced to flee.

Hoping to distract Broly with a new target, Goku and Vegeta flew right past Frieza and zipped away. Upon seeing Frieza, Broly forgot all about his two opponents and instead began pummeling away at Frieza, apparently for no other reason then that Frieza happened to be closer at hand than Goku and Vegeta.

With Broly distracted, Goku and Vegeta took the opportunity to teleport away. After a few minutes of being smacked around, Frieza transformed into his Golden state and arrogantly re-engaged Broly.

However, his Golden state proved no more effective than his base form, and Frieza ultimately wound up receiving a one-sided beating for around an hour.

Eventually, Frieza became too wounded and exhausted to fight any longer, and Broly immediately lost interest in him as a result. However, he then spotted Whis some distance away and immediately moved to attack him.

Despite Broly's overwhelming power, Whis casually avoided all of Broly's attacks until Gogeta appeared and took over the battle.

Initially, Gogeta remained in his base form and deftly avoided a series of Broly's energy blasts. However, he quickly realized that he would need more power to go on the offensive, and transformed into a Super Saiyan.

He then fired a Stardust Fall barrage at Broly, which battered him a bit but did no visible damage. The two fought on, both relatively even in strength until Broly fired a Gigantic Omegastorm blast as Gogeta fired a Kamehameha.

When the two energy waves collided, they shattered the fabric of reality, and the two combatants were transported to an odd multicolored landscape.

After enduring a few more attacks, Broly incidentally powered up to his Legendary Super Saiyan form and retaliated.

After being driven back for a short time and failing to launch an effective offense against Broly's new form, Gogeta decided to start taking the fight seriously and entered his Super Saiyan Blue form.

The two exchanged seemingly equivalent attacks for a short time until another clash shattered the strange dimension and the two combatants ended up back on Earth.

The two Saiyans re-engaged in combat, but Gogeta took the upper hand with a devastating kick to Broly's jaw. Though sent reeling back, Broly recovered and fired a Gigantic Catastrophe blast from his mouth.

Gogeta avoided it with apparent ease and blasted Broly in the back with numerous energy spheres before finishing the barrage with a Stardust Breaker.

The assault battered Broly but he once again recovered, powered up even more, and reengaged. However, it was ultimately to no avail, as Gogeta managed to avoid all of Broly's wild and unfocused attacks while delivering numerous blows of his own.

At last, Gogeta engulfed Broly in a tremendously destructive energy storm , causing a mushroom-cloud shaped explosion, after which Whis declared the fight all but over.

Gogeta then began charging a Limit Ultra Kamehameha to kill Broly. Broly, who had regained some semblance of his sanity after being struck by Gogeta's massive energy blast, staggered backward in fear.

Gogeta then unleashed the energy beam while Broly simply stared at it in terror, but just before the moment of impact, Cheelai asked Shenron to send Broly to the planet where he had grown up.

Shenron's power immediately whisked Broly away, and Gogeta's blast continued harmlessly into space.

Shortly thereafter, Broly, terrified and disoriented, found himself back home on Planet Vampa, having reverted to his base form.

Three days later, Broly was seen dragging a huge claw in his cave, where a starving Cheelai and Lemo waited.

The two of them had fled to Broly's planet due both to having befriended him and because they needed someone to protect them from Frieza.

Broly offered them some of the meat, and though Cheelai reluctantly ate some, Lemo found it inedible. Cheelai, however, commented that sooner or later he would undoubtedly have to change his mind, as the rations they had brought with them would not last long.

As the group ate, Goku used Instant Transmission to teleport to the cave entrance. Broly immediately sensed him and took a defensive posture while Cheelai yelled at Goku to leave but Goku, in his typical unflappable manner, simply commented that he had been told that the planet was "repugnant" and so had brought supplies for them.

His first gift was a new shelter stocked with provisions, and after Cheelai and Lemo admired it for a time, Goku then gave the group a few Senzu Beans and explained their use.

When Cheelai, still suspicious, loudly inquired as to why Goku would help them, Goku explained that Broly was likely even stronger than Beerus , the 7th universe's God of Destruction , and as such would make an excellent training partner.

Goku then prepared to leave and Lemo, having observed that Goku did not seem to have a space ship, asked him how he had gotten to Vampa.

Goku briefly explains his Instant Transmission technique, though Cheelai at least appeared not to understand any of the explanations.

She reiterated that she still viewed Goku as an enemy, but Goku, not caring in the slightest, simply stated that he would like to come back and spar with Broly in the future.

Additionally, he offered to teach Broly how to control his incredible power. Broly seemed to appreciate the offer and smiled at his newfound friend in gratitude.

As Goku prepared for his departure, Cheelai asked for his name, in response, Goku told her that his name was "Goku", but gave Broly in particular permission to call him "Kakarot".

Broly is easily one of the most powerful mortal warriors in the multiverse, and one of the strongest in Universe 7.

He is a true natural prodigy in combat, born with the genetics of the Legendary Super Saiyan genes and transformation ability. He showed exceptionally immense potential since infancy as evidenced by King Vegeta during the latter's analysis of Broly's potential.

His testing of Saiyan attributes broke every known record, far surpassing even Prince Vegeta 's scores, thereby placing him in the same incubation chamber as the children of elite Saiyans.

While his power level would fluctuate wildly, his lowest power level was while his highest power level was 10,, which was very high even for the exceptional standards of newborns from the royal family bloodline.

Because of this, King Vegeta , fearing the unstable nature of Broly's power and potential danger of it driving Broly insane one day, banished Broly so he wouldn't be a threat to both Planet Vegeta and the universe.

Although, as noted by Paragus, and not denied by King Vegeta, the king mainly did this because he was very insecure at the idea of a Saiyan who wasn't his kin having such natural power and potential growth that would ultimately outshine his bloodline, even his own prodigious son.

By adulthood, his power level was unreadable by scouters as it glitched out from attempting to and he was completely unfazed by the solid strikes from one of Frieza's most powerful soldiers.

While having been aggressively trained by his father all his life, he initially lacks any actual combat skills beyond basic attacks and combat patterns due to his isolation and lack of powerful foes to fight against; thus he has a crude, straightforward fighting style, relying more on his sheer brute force through wild strikes, stomps, and grappling.

However, when pressured by a strong enough foe, Broly's prodigious talent and Saiyan traits kick in.

Male Saiyan Staff A. Sign In Don't have an account? The vanguard lands continue reading the spaceport, followed by the mothership. King Vegeta's Majordomo. It begins attacking the Vampa Beetles and eating Watch Film, causing Dbs Broly to realize how the food chain works on this planet: the Vampa Beetles suck the blood of the Vampa Beasts, and the Vampa Beasts eat the Vampa Beetles. Gine thinks they should all try to escape together, but Bardock tells her they would be detected by scouters if they tried it. He says V90 Cc the ear of his first and only friend, Ba. Out in space, Lemo is piloting the stolen Anna Faris Filme. This doesn't work with all assists however, and is also very new tech, so extreme uses haven't been found for it . Sie werden zu Freezer gebracht, der sie rekrutiert, um ihm zu helfen, Son Goku und Vegeta visit web page besiegen. Enthalten in. Freezer zieht sich zurück und verspricht, ein anderes Mal zurückzukehren. Verfügbar auf Xbox One. Mehr anzeigen. Fast die komplette Click der Saiyajin wird durch Teen Mom Explosion des Planeten ausgelöscht.

Frieza's Spaceship is already in the planet's orbit, but it will be some time before all the Saiyans return to the planet.

Bardock is suspicious about this order; if Frieza wanted to send them an important message, he could have done it wirelessly.

Even if he wanted to give them some kind of new measuring device, there would be no need to rush all the Saiyans back to the home planet.

Cold and Frieza have always found the Saiyans to be a useful tool, but Bardock wonders whether Frieza has decided he doesn't need them anymore.

They enter the atmosphere with dozens of other ships and land in Bardock's Village and disembark.

The village is bustling with activity, and carts pulling space pods are passing through. Leek wants to look on the bright side, but Bardock thinks he is being foolish.

Taro calls out to Bardock, speculating that Frieza has identified a valuable planet that will require all the Saiyans to purge, and Leek is happy to latch onto this explanation.

Taro then mentions that Frieza has been asking around about the legendary Super Saiyan, which makes Bardock even more suspicious.

Frieza agrees, but he doesn't want to take any chances, and this is the perfect opportunity to wipe out the Saiyans once and for all. Bardock arrives at his house and finds Gine working in her butcher shop; she is happy to see him.

Bardock asks after Raditz , and Gine says he is away on a mission with Prince Vegeta, and he also asks if Kakarot is still in his nursing capsule.

Gine says it's almost time to take him out, and asks if Bardock wants to see him. They enter the room with his nursing capsule. Bardock observes that he is still small, and Gine says he is a late bloomer, but he looks just like Bardock, especially his hair.

Bardock's expression becomes grave, and he tells Gine that as soon as night falls, they should steal a space pod and send Kakarot to another planet.

Gine protests, but then Bardock explains his suspicions about Frieza; since Kakarot's potential is low, he would have been sent off-world either way, so they should send him now before Frieza makes his move.

Frieza has been asking about the legend of the Super Saiyan and Bardock thinks he is scared. When night falls, Bardock steals a pod and puts Kakarot inside, and Gine follows as he carries it out into the badlands outside the village.

Gine thinks they should all try to escape together, but Bardock tells her they would be detected by scouters if they tried it.

Kakarot is the only one they can save. Bardock has programmed the pod's destination for a planet called Earth , far enough away to escape Frieza's interest, with a native population weak enough to pose no threat to Kakarot.

They set the pod down, and Kakarot cries. Bardock then states that if he is wrong about Frieza, they can always go to Earth later and bring him back home.

They resolve themselves to their decision; Bardock tells Kakarot to survive, no matter what, and they say goodbye to their son.

Bardock touches the glass of the pod's window, and Kakarot places his hand against the glass too. The pod takes off, and Gine calls out to her son telling him not to forget them and breaks down in tears.

Bardock comforts her as they watch him hurtle through space. On Frieza's ship, Kikono warns Frieza that destroying the Saiyans will reduce their forces by nearly half, but Frieza isn't too worried about that; he knows the Saiyans will turn on him the first chance they get.

He decides it's time. A hatch opens, and Frieza floats out in his hover-throne , wasting no time launching the attack to destroy the planet.

The Saiyans notice the sky turning bright red; Gine looks up from her work in the butcher shop, and Leek stares in shock as the Supernova approaches.

Bardock and some of the other Saiyans fly up to investigate, but they never see Frieza. Frieza joyfully proclaims that he feels like a weight has been lifted as the life signs on his scouter screen dwindle down to zero.

Somewhere out in space, Vegeta is on a mission with Raditz, Nappa , and two adult Saiyans. One Saiyan informs the others that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed by a meteor.

They are shocked, and they rush to inform the prince. Raditz says they were lucky to be spared, and Vegeta muses that he will never be King Vegeta now.

Nappa asks Vegeta about his brother , but Vegeta doesn't care about him. The other adult Saiyan asks Raditz about Kakarot, and Raditz says that Kakarot doesn't matter because he is a weakling, but his mother had earlier relayed the message that Kakarot had been sent off-world.

Prince Vegeta looks toward the sky and laughs. Back on Planet Vampa, Broly is eating a Vampa Beetle from a giant eggshell, and he looks toward the sky as Kakarot's space pod passes by.

The pod makes its way toward Earth. Goku and Vegeta are sparring near Bulma 's summer home, on an island far to the south of West City.

Bulma is watching from a distance with Bulla. Whis is getting all worked up over some food, and Beerus is trying to take a nap. Bulma remarks that the island is otherwise uninhabited, so Goku and Vegeta don't have to worry about collateral damage, but Beerus gets angry when they wake him from his nap with their noise, so they take a break to join the others for food.

Whis asks Goku why he is seeking even greater strength and Goku explains that it's just because he met incredible guys from other universes at the Tournament of Power.

Whis then poses the same question to Vegeta, whose motivation is the imminent danger of Frieza. Goku tells Vegeta there's nothing to worry about; Frieza helped them win the tournament after all.

Vegeta says they shouldn't expect Frieza to be grateful he was resurrected; now that they understand Frieza's potential for growth, Vegeta doesn't want to risk the possibility that Frieza might get even stronger and pose a real threat to them.

Bickering ensues and Vegeta tells Goku he is too stupid to grasp reality. Bulma receives a call on her wristwatch from Trunks , who informs her the six Dragon Balls that Bulma had collected in her lab have been stolen.

Trunks sends the surveillance footage through the watch, which reveals that the thieves were wearing Frieza-style armor. The adults instantly recognize what is going on, but none of them say anything until Bulma ends the call with Trunks.

Vegeta thinks that Frieza must have sent grunts so that no one would sense them. Goku wonders what Frieza would wish for since he can't wish anything beyond Shenron 's power.

Vegeta thinks it's obvious: Frieza would wish for immortality. Everyone agrees that Frieza must be stopped; whatever his wish is, it won't be good.

Fortunately, Bulma always has a spare Dragon Radar , and she already knows where to find the last ball. It's on the Ice Continent as she saved it for last because it's so cold there.

Frieza's goons are surely already en route, so Goku and Vegeta agree to travel with her to go stop them.

Whis wants to go with them, but Beerus wants to stay where the food is, so Bulma happily saddles him with Bulla, and as they take off, Beerus yells after them.

As they fly to their destination, Goku asks Bulma why she wants to collect the Dragon Balls. After some prodding, Bulma admits that she wants to become 5 years younger, and Goku can't believe she would waste a wish on something so trivial.

Meanwhile on Frieza's ship, Kikono relays the news that the six Dragon Balls collected by Vegeta's wife have been secured, along with the Dragon Radar which they are using to find the last one.

This pleases Frieza but he thinks they should wait until all seven are secured before heading to Earth; the Earth Saiyans don't need scouters to sense their presence.

Kikono wants to know whether Frieza will wish for immortality, as he has always wanted, but Frieza's experience in Hell taught him that immortality is not all it is cracked up to be especially when a person couldn't do anything.

Kikono suggests he wish for invincibility instead, but Frieza thinks that would be boring. Berryblue hits the mark when she guesses that he wants to wish to be taller; Frieza's reaction confirms it, and Kikono can't believe it.

But Berryblue has witnessed Frieza's ruthlessness with people who disparage his stature and warns Kikono to be careful.

Frieza swears them to secrecy and admits that he wants to wish to be 5 centimeters taller. Kikono then asks why Frieza doesn't just use his taller second form, but Frieza insistently wants to be taller in his true form.

Somewhere out in space, Cheelai and Lemo have been searching for strong people to recruit into the Frieza Force.

Cheelai is frustrated with their mission, but Lemo reminds her that they were ordered to find as many warriors as possible in order to strengthen Frieza's depleted forces.

Cheelai doesn't understand as she thought the army was big enough, but Lemo heard that a large portion of their army was killed by Frieza himself.

Lemo then asks why Cheelai joined up; she admits that she stole a ship from the Galactic Patrol , so she hoped that Frieza's army would offer her some protection.

She asks Lemo if he has ever met Frieza, but since Lemo is a non-combatant, he has only even seen Frieza once. Cheelai has heard that Frieza is really short and Lemo warns her never to repeat that if she values her life.

As they pass by Planet Vampa, they intercept a distress signal from an older-model ship. Hoping to get a bonus, they make landing and investigate the old wreckage.

Paragus sees the ship and runs out from a nearby cave to go meet them. He asks if they are with Frieza's army.

Lemo spots the tail and recognizes that Paragus is a Saiyan, but Cheelai doesn't seem to know what that is.

Paragus introduces himself and explains that he has been stranded here ever since he crash-landed on the planet.

Cheelai reads his battle power at , which is a lot higher than she expected for such an old man. As they express their amazement, a Vampa Beetle approaches, but Paragus yells for Broly, who drops the claw he was munching on and swoops in, taking care of the creature with ease.

Cheelai is awed by his performance and tries to read his battle power, but her scouter just blanks out as Paragus introduces Broly to them on the scouter screen.

Cheelai tells Lemo about her issue with the scouter, so he tries to get a reading on his, but he doesn't have any luck either.

They can't believe their good fortune, and they hasten to deliver this magnificent specimen to Frieza. When they arrive on Frieza's ship, Berryblue goes to inform Frieza of their arrival, which catches his interest right away.

He can't believe there are still other Saiyans out there. Frieza asks what happened to Broly's tail; Paragus explains that he removed it because Broly could not control himself when he transformed, and he was too dangerous.

Frieza wants to know if he otherwise has problems with control, but Paragus insists it's only rarely. Frieza counters that "rarely" is not "never", so Paragus tells Frieza about Broly's collar , a device of his own invention.

When Broly loses control, he uses the remote control he keeps in his belt to electrocute Broly into submission. Broly becomes visibly unnerved when Paragus takes out the remote to show it to Frieza, and starts gripping his collar in fear as if trying to remove it, which Lemo and Cheelai notice.

Frieza asks after Broly's name but Broly just blinks and looks away; Paragus hastens to answer on his behalf. Frieza can tell that Broly is hiding a lot of power, and Paragus insists that they are at his disposal, but Frieza is already turning away from him; he laughs and says he is sure they will serve him well.

He instructs Berryblue to reward the hunters, so she presents Cheelai and Lemo with a bounty in the form of intergalactic currency called credits which take the form of pill shaped pieces of some kind of metal.

They thank him profusely and leave. Frieza tells Paragus about the demise of Planet Vegeta. Paragus says he heard about it on the way to the ship, and he is sorely disappointed that his dream of revenge was stolen from him.

Frieza has good news, though: Prince Vegeta is still alive. Paragus cannot believe his luck. Frieza is happy to help him get his revenge, and he instructs Berryblue to show Paragus and Broly to the showers and get them some new armor.

When he is alone, he muses aloud that he won't even have to get his hands dirty this time.

Broly is only wearing the undersuit of the armor, with his pelt tied on over it, and Cheelai asks him why he didn't put on the armor jacket.

Broly thought it would hinder his movements and wouldn't fit, but Cheelai stretches her armor bra to show that it's actually quite comfortable.

She asks him why he doesn't take off his pelt, which might get stinky, but Broly gets angry when she touches it, drawing the attention of everyone else in the mess hall.

Cheelai apologizes, touching it again softly, realizing that it must have some kind of nostalgic meaning for him. He begins to tell her the story of why it means so much to him, but Paragus stops him and tells him they are here to eat, not chat.

Cheelai protests, but Paragus brushes her off. She tries to push it, but Lemo encourages her to drop it. Just then, Daigen comes up and tries to put the moves on Cheelai, suggesting she would have more fun with him than these guys.

Paragus keeps his eye on him, and Broly's eyes narrow in suspicion and irritation. Cheelai tries to blow him off, but he is stubborn, so Lemo offers to pay for his meal, hoping to send him on his way.

Daigen punches Lemo out of the way, and this crosses a line for Broly. His hair flares up a bit, but he visibly gets his anger under control, deliberately walking up to Daigen and ignoring his father's command to stand down.

Daigen punches Broly in the chest several times, but Broly doesn't even flinch. He grabs Daigen by the neck and lifts him off the ground, while Paragus tries and fails to get his attention.

Broly squeezes harder, clearly threatening Daigen's life, but then Paragus resorts to the collar, and Broly screams under the assault of electrocution.

He explains to her patiently that this is necessary, but while he is talking, she stealthily pilfers the remote from his belt.

He remarks that she didn't share his opinions and told her to stay away from his son. Berryblue enters the mess hall to summon Paragus to see Frieza again.

Paragus calls for Broly, but Berryblue says Frieza only wants to see Paragus. As soon as Paragus leaves, Lemo remarks that Paragus might be even worse than his own father, and Cheelai laughs.

Pleased with herself, she shows Broly the remote she pilfered. Broly and Lemo are amazed that she stole it.

She drops it on the ground and crushes it with her foot. They take Broly to the living quarters, where he gobbles more snack bars.

Broly then tells them the story of his pelt. He says it's the ear of his first and only friend, Ba. Ba is one of the Vampa Beasts that live in the craters of Vampa.

Cheelai and Lemo never saw one, so Broly explains that they are bigger even than this ship. When he was a child, part of his training was learning to dodge the attacks of Ba, named after the sound he made when he attacked.

Eventually, Ba came to see him as a friend, and no longer attacked him. Paragus was however unhappy with this development as it interfered with Broly's training, so he shot Ba in the head with a gun, severing his ear.

Ba never trusted Broly again, so Broly resolved to start wearing Ba's ear so that they could always be together. Cheelai jumps down, telling Broly she didn't expect him to have so much to say.

Lemo thinks Broly is a truly pure being. They ask him whether he even likes fighting, or if Paragus is just using him for revenge.

Meanwhile, on the arctic continent on Earth, Frieza's goons have finally found the last Dragon Ball, though they're having difficulties.

Frieza tells Paragus that Vegeta is living on Earth along with another Saiyan; he thinks Paragus should show off Broly to them, and Paragus is happy enough to do so, but Frieza tells him that, while he is welcome to take out his revenge on Vegeta, Frieza wants to finish off Goku personally for his own revenge, which he has dreamed of for a very long time.

Paragus is taken aback by Frieza's fervor, but he doesn't even know who Goku is, so he bows and agrees to Frieza's wishes. Just then, Kikono runs in and excitedly informs Frieza that the last Dragon Ball has been found.

Frieza rejoices, and the ship heads for Earth at full speed. Bulma and the crew have finally reached the arctic.

Bulma spots Frieza's goons, and they make landing. Goku is cold, but he still jumps out of the ship excitedly. Bulma and the Saiyans are all bundled up in warm clothing; Bulma can't believe Whis doesn't need any, but he tells her it's a lot colder out in space.

Frieza's goons are watching them from their own ship; they recognize Goku and Vegeta as Saiyans, and hop in their ship to hightail it out of there.

Goku and Vegeta look up as they take off, and Vegeta calmly shoots them down. They go to the enemy ship and Vegeta picks it up with one hand while Goku jumps on top, slapping his hands on the glass and telling them to give up the Dragon Balls.

Goku senses something approaching, and looks up. Vegeta, still holding the thieves' ship, looks up knowingly, too.

Frieza has arrived as he floats out of the hatch of his ship, in a callback to the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and drops a Petite Supernova into the atmosphere to make a dramatic entrance.

Vegeta and Goku senses that there is another powerful warrior aboard, but he doesn't know who it could be. They watch warily as Frieza and crew disembark, and as Broly steps off the ship, a wave of power seems to emanate from him, throwing up a wind that causes Goku and Vegeta to shield themselves.

Once everyone has exited the ship, Vegeta recognizes that Paragus and Broly are Saiyans, and Paragus shakes as he recognizes Vegeta based on his resemblance to his father.

Goku asks Frieza what's going on, and Frieza says he's just here for the Dragon Balls, which he calls to him via telekinesis as his goons stumble after them, falling onto the snow.

Cheelai and Lemo are watching from the ship, wondering what those balls are. Bulma yells at Goku and Vegeta, telling them to go get the Dragon Balls back, but Whis tells her it's too late for that now as this has become a warrior-race party, much to his delight.

Goku again demands to know what Frieza is up to, so Frieza explains: these are his companions, Broly and his father. They are Saiyans, though Frieza is sure they have already figured this out.

Paragus comes forward and introduces himself by name. Frieza goes on: when Vegeta was still a child, his father exiled Broly to an inhospitable planet where he and his father were stranded until Frieza found and rescued them.

Paragus declares that he has come to avenge the sins of the father upon the son, but Vegeta doesn't care about that.

Goku says it doesn't matter anyway since they're all Saiyans so they should "try to get along". Meanwhile, Broly's anger is noticeably bubbling up; he obviously needs to let it out.

Paragus gets Frieza's attention, and Frieza decides it's time to begin. Paragus tells Broly to attack and Broly charges, going straight for Vegeta, who blocks his attack with a smile.

They trade blows with Vegeta completely at ease in his winter jacket for a few moments, but it doesn't take long before Vegeta feels pressured enough to rip off his coat.

Paragus observes to Frieza that Vegeta must have been training hard all these years, and Frieza confirms that Vegeta is no stranger to battle.

On the other hand, since Broly grew up on an uninhabited planet, this must be his first real battle with another person.

Paragus corrects him as he has fought Broly many times, but Frieza thinks Paragus is too weak to count. Vegeta and Broly's battle continues to be intense and Paragus cheers Broly from the sidelines.

Before long, Vegeta decides it's time to transform and becomes a Super Saiyan. Broly is shocked and does not know what to make of this.

Paragus also questions this and Frieza is surprised he has never seen a Super Saiyan before.

Paragus can't believe he is looking at the legendary Super Saiyan. Vegeta's transformation just makes Broly angry.

He charges at Vegeta, but finds himself once again at a major disadvantage in strength and speed, as Vegeta fights with the confidence of someone who is leagues away from his maximum battle power.

But soon enough, Broly tanks a solid punch to the face, pushing back defiantly against Vegeta's fist. His eyes have turned yellow and Vegeta soon finds out that Broly has gotten stronger yet again to keep up with him as a Super Saiyan, putting him on the defensive again.

Even Goku can't believe it, but Vegeta doesn't let it go on for long. He seeks the calm of divine ki as he retreats upward, transforming into a Super Saiyan God.

Vegeta is in control again, and he doesn't waste time letting Broly know. Broly is fearful at first, desperately dodging Vegeta's attacks.

He tries repeatedly to land a punch, but Vegeta dodges him effortlessly until he finally catches a punch with a fist, casually pushing it aside and punching Broly in the face, sending him flying through several mountains.

Paragus falls to his knees, thinking Broly has reached the end of his power. Frieza suggests they give up for now and retreats to his ship with the Dragon Balls.

Paragus gets up and calls for Broly, trying to coax him to stand down, but Broly is buried in a distant mountain and isn't listening, instead seeming to undergo some sort of internal struggle for control.

Paragus reaches for the remote in his belt pouch and, finally discovering that it is missing, he falls to his knees yet again and calls out desperately for Broly to retreat, but Broly is trying and failing to keep the beast within him contained.

Vegeta aims a God Heat Flash to finish Broly off. Goku desperately shouts at Vegeta to stop, but Vegeta ignores him, blasting Broly into a frozen lake which melts around him as he plunges downward.

In the depths, Broly finally awakens his Wrath State , turning the lake into a giant maelstrom as he rises in a golden glow and screams his fury.

Once again, the force of his ki sends a gale outward, causing the nearby Goku and Vegeta to block instinctively. Vegeta seems to realize this fight could go long and asks Goku if he has any Senzu Beans , but Goku didn't bring any.

Wrathful Broly fires a mouth blast directly at Goku, who barely dodges as the blast takes off the top of the mountain behind him before exploding in the sky, bathing everything in a green light.

Vegeta seems to have barely dodged it too, but he gathers himself and attacks, landing a punch directly on Broly's face but Broly takes it head-on with no sign of damage.

Broly then punches Vegeta and sends him flying skyward. Goku is beginning to worry, and Vegeta is beginning to feel pressured.

Frieza is in good spirits again, asking Paragus what is happening, and Paragus theorizes that Broly has gained the ability to control the power of the Great Ape in human form, without any of the associated disadvantages of the bulky transformation.

There is however a downside: nothing can be done to control Broly now. Now Vegeta is getting punched through mountains of his own.

He lands gracefully enough, but he's feeling harried. He hasn't reached his maximum power yet, but Broly is about to power up again, and Goku doesn't want to wait.

He takes off his coat and tells Broly it's his turn now. Goku's interruption angers Broly, but Goku starts warming up as Broly powers up.

They trade a few blows, and then Goku fires a Kamehameha Blaster , but Broly isn't fazed; he punches Goku deep into a mountain and follows him down the hole, harrying him out through the other side.

Broly attacks Goku, who isn't really keeping up, and hasn't been since the fight started, so he decides to go Super Saiyan. He's still outmatched, but he manages to get one up on Broly by teleporting behind him and catching him by surprise.

This advantage doesn't last long, though. Broly quickly reasserts the upper hand, knocking Goku into a mountain once again.

Goku hasn't given up yet, but then Broly screams in anger, attacks, and before he can land a hit, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan God.

Finally, Goku seems to be holding his own, and Broly is getting angry again. He does a move with his hands to paralyze Broly long enough to try to talk some sense into him.

He tells Broly that he and Vegeta are living peacefully on Earth. Broly rages and tries to punch Goku, but he can't.

Goku concedes that they have had a lot of battles over the years. Broly rages again, but Goku tells him that he knows he's not a bad guy, and it seems like Goku might be getting through to him.

Goku adds that he shouldn't let bad people boss him around! On the sidelines, Kikono seems to panic, thinking Broly might switch sides. Paragus looks worriedly to Frieza, but Frieza just laughs.

And sure enough, Broly gets angry enough to finally break Goku's hold on him. Broly pulls back for a massive punch, and Goku is barely able to take it; with some effort, he grabs Broly by the wrist and slams him on the ground with enough force to cause an earthquake.

Bulma's perch is threatened and Vegeta has to catch her. The plateau where Frieza's ship is parked begins to collapse, and Kikono calls out to Frieza and asks for permission to take the ship to safety.

Frieza concedes and sends the Dragon Balls up. Frieza tells Paragus that now they can watch Broly's show without any worries. Broly goes even deeper to draw out more power as he seems to grow larger by the minute, and while Goku is landing attacks, he isn't really getting anywhere.

Watching from above, Cheelai is overwhelmed by Broly's power. Lemo thinks Broly isn't himself, though, and Cheelai has to agree.

Goku continues to struggle, and Cheelai laments that this is only happening because the gentle-hearted Broly is a slave to his father's obsessive drive.

Broly continues to rage, and Paragus begins to fear that Broly will kill him, that it's all over. Meanwhile, Broly has grown so large that he dwarfs Goku, and he is fully in control of the fight, furiously trying to stomp Goku into the ground, but Goku desperately rolls away.

Goku manages to get back on his feet and attempts to attack Broly with an energy sphere , only to have his attack effortlessly crushed in Broly's hand.

Broly then turns the tables on Goku, grabbing him by the ankle and slamming him against the ground, grabbing him by the face and dragging him through an ice wall.

Goku is grounded and can't move while Broly screams in unbridled rage. It looks like Goku is done for, and Frieza thinks it looks like he won't get a chance to fight.

But suddenly, we see Piccolo meditating far away. He opens his eyes and calls out to Goku telepathically. He can tell that Goku is up against someone formidable, quite aside from Frieza, and he knows that he would only be a hindrance if he tried to help.

Goku, struggling to get it together, says that's okay; Piccolo is his escape plan. Broly is losing patience, and Goku manages to stand up.

If things go south, he can use Piccolo to teleport away from the battlefield, and Piccolo realizes that, for Goku of all people to have an escape plan, things must be really bad.

Goku laughs, and agrees. He rips off his orange shirt and begins to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. They go at it and the fight is a little bit closer to even now, but Goku is still struggling.

Broly punches him through the ground, where it seems a fiery magma pit is just beneath the snow. Broly follows Goku into the magma pit and continues to harry him there, strangling him among other things, but Goku punches Broly back above the surface again and follows him up.

Then Broly charges up a giant cyclonic attack and launches it at Goku. It disturbs their surroundings so much that Frieza has to put up an Energy Shield around himself, while Paragus goes flying.

Gogeta easily dominates the fight and right when he fires his Ultimate Kamehameha to finish off Broly, Cheelai summons Shenron with the Dragon Balls and asks the dragon to send Broly back to the Vampa before the blast could connect.

The group is then visited by Goku, who brings them supplies to survive the planet's harsh conditions and even offers to teach Broly how to control his power, sparking a friendly rivalry between the two Saiyans.

This incarnation of Broly battles in his Wrathful state, which is the power of a Great Ape in humanoid form. He transforms into his Super Saiyan C-type form during his Super Attacks and transforms into his Full Power Super Saiyan state during his Meteor Attack, Gigantic Roar, which destroys his body armor and gives him a small damage increase for all of his attacks for the rest of the match, which is signified by the green sparks radiating from his body.

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